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Condo Membership Club

1 Year Membership $29.00 or Lifetime Membership Only $69.95

condo membership club

Call The Bargain Channel for membership details or simply log onto www.condomembershipclub.com

To purchase direct through www.condomembershipclub.com be prepared to pay regular price $89.95 for 1 year membership and $199.99 for the lifetime membership.  Those are really good prices!  But, for a short time, you can call 904-358-2265 or 904-259-2292 for huge savings on The Bargain Channel.
ONLY $29.00 for 1 yr. trial or the lifetime membership for ONLY $69.95
30,000 condos around the world to choose from.  All 3, 4 and 5 star resorts at up to 85% off the regular price for members only.
Don’t delay, get yours today!